Birthday Wish [People's Choice #1A]

This cap look familiar?
As you can see this was one of the options that had the highest votes for the most recent poll!
Here's a refresher...
Question: So I'm swapping celebs... who should I choose?
- Blake Lively <-> Oprah Winfrey (12%)
- Rosie O'Donnell <-> Kristen Bell (12%)
 - Betty White <-> Selena Gomez (38%)
- Ellen Degeneres <-> Jessica Simpson (37%)

Every once in a while I'm going to have a poll like this up where you guys can
choose what happens next. I'll refer to them as the People's Choice caps 
from now on (there's a label for them now, too). 

This time since there was basically a tie, I'm going to make both caps. Here's the first...

Part 1

Part 2