ads Okay guys. So if you haven't noticed from the polls, I care about what you want. Because of this, I've decided to make this request page so you guys can post (below, preferably) what type of captions you'd like to see-- be it as broad as "body swap" or as specific as "45 yr old father swaps bodies with his 21 yr old daughter, who's a news anchor and he has to report the news of the Great Shift from her body..."

So yes. I will put a link on the side so you guys can always get to this post, and I'll check the comments here and respond to them as soon as I can! I'm a diligent captioner (sort-of) so you can count on me for making a horrible attempt at your requests-- just make sure you post them below! That'll make it easier for me!

Requested Pictures - I'm definitely open, but would appreciate it if you could just email them to me (so I can keep this blog organized and also keep it from being "super mature"). Email is my name (at)

I hope you guys comment below with your lovely ideas & requests! This should allow me to do what I want AND please your specific wants at the same time! If I'm not responding it doesn't mean I haven't seen your comment! All in good time, friends. ^.^ 
Next-Up: a surprise!
Current Pace: Finish One Request per Update

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